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  • Uses standard IP network infrastructure
  • Ideal for transmitting audio across buildings in a
    campus LAN or Intranet
  • Set IP address and other parameters using a simple
    GUI on a PC (GUI for phone/pad devices soon)
  • Network jitter tolerance using advanced Mamba clock
    recovery and buffering techniques
  • Buffer size varies based on number of audio channels
  • No packet retransmission & no recovery of lost sample
  • Audio channels can be configured from 2-64 ch
  • 48kHz sample frequency and 24 bit per sample
  • Point to point or selective multi-point network
  • Each node can be assigned Master/Slave
  • Name each node for easy identification
  • Up to 64 channels of line level analog in and out
  • Use external micpre for mic input
  • Maximum output level = +18 dBu, SNR = 105 dB,  
    THD+N (1kHz @ -1dBFS) =0.0029% (@96K)
  • Input impedance = 4.53 Kohm
  • Output impedance = 100 ohm
  • Analog in and out via DB25 (Tascam/Digi Analog
    standard pin out)
  • Use DB25 to XLR breakout cables to connect to XLRs
  • Use DB25 to DB25 cable to connect to Tascam DB25
  • 2 year Limited warranty [ more info..]
  • 1U rack mount box (19"X12"X1.75") @ 10 pounds
  • Solid steel and sleek finish

Analog Input:
Maximum input level = +18 dBu
SNR=105 dB
THD+N (1kHz @ -1dBFS) = 0.0029%
Noise floor = - 87 dBu
Input impedance = 4.53 Kohm

Analog output:
Maximum output level = +18 dBu
SNR = 114.6 dB
THD+N (1kHz @ -1dBFS) =0.0029%
Noise floor = - 96 dBu
Output impedance = 100 ohm

DB25 Analog I/O
Tascam analog pin out standard
8 ch per Db25 (in or out)

Application to Configure device:
Windows support only
(Andriod and iOS soon***)


Two year Limited warranty (WARRANTY INFO)

DC Power Supply:
DC input range 9-36 VDC
Max power consumption: 12 W for 16x16
Max power consumption: 19 W for 32x32
XLR 4 pin for DC input on front
ON/OFF switch on back

AC Power Supply:
Universal power supply AC 90-240V.
Max power consumption: 22 W
ON/OFF switch on back

Rack mountable Chassis:
1U  (19" [L] X 12" [D] X 1.75" [H])
Solid steel and professional finish
Weight: 10 or 12 pounds


AS setup 1-375x195

AS setup 3-350x195


Download Mamba Audiostreamer FAQ to learn more


Here is an Apple iPad APP (Config Utility)


AS 1


AS 2



Below is a Windows7 Version of the Config Utility


AS Init-300x236


AS 48 newGUI AS 48 newGUI


Download the Mamba Streamer App (iPad or iPhone) HERE

This App can be used to configure the Mamba streamer system with your own settings.

AS 1

AS 2

iPhone App:

AS iphone1              AS iphone2

Download Mamba Audiostreamer FAQ

Windows XP / 7 Application to configure the system:

Download the below Zip and copy 2 files in to a folder (Mamba_AS or any name). Download Zip Here

Download the WinPcap windows UDP/IP driver on the PC. You need this for our software to work.   Download from Here

Click on the AS_Mamba_RevB.exe to start the App, select the Ethernet Interface and click DISCOVERY.

iPad or iPhone App:

Download the iPad or iPhone Mamba Sreamer App to configure the system


AS 1


AS 2


Coming soon!

"In our overly complex world it is nice to see a simple solution to a common place problem. I can see us having them in all of our facilities", G. Simpson, Todd-AO, LA (www.todd-ao.com)

WS Control Rm WCAS adjusted

"We have been using the system in a live mix Linux laptop and works great all the time. 32 channel input direct over Ethernet or USB, as well as 32 ch out (post mix) to drive a wave synth array of speakers", F. Nando, researcher at CCRMA, Standford Univeristy.

Please Call us at 978 384 0780 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info on price and availability.


KTMD, Telemundo TV - Houston Selects Mamba AudioStreamer (Audio over IP) system 

Jan 24, 2017: KTMD, Telemundo TV station based in Houston, TX selected Mamba AudioStramer system to support multi-channel audio over a standard IP network to cover the super bowl 2017. Mamba AudioStreamer works over standard IP network but provides pro audio level guaranteed quality for multi-channel audio. The audio codecs are from AKM and operates at 48K 24 bit/sample thus far better quality than many compressed audio over IP system. The quality is guaranteed by the proprietary audio clock recovery over an IP network. The total bandwidth used for audio varies based on number of audio channels thus rpoviding best usage on backbone IP network. A simple iPhone or iPad App can be used to change the configuration anytime to suit the need for various application scenario. The system is plug and play and relaible thus ideal for broadcast TV and sport applications. We have a number of TV stations in US with Mamba Audio over IP systems in use.


Metropolitan State University, Denver selects Mamba AudioStreamer (Audio over IP) system to interconnect Broadcast facilities

San Jose, CA – Oct 14, 2014: " At MSU Denver we're lucky enough to have not one, but two educational college radio stations. The first was KMET, for years located on the far north end of campus in the historic Tivoli student union. Several years ago, our Broadcasting program launched WCAS Radio on the south end of campus, serving as a learning laboratory for Communications studies.

But with two control rooms on opposite ends of our urban campus, we were searching for some kind of interconnect solution. With the two Audiostreamer units from Network sound interfacing into our existing university Ethernet network, we instantly had 16 send and receive lines bridging the quarter mile between buildings. Both units installed in less than a day, without the need for any new runs of dedicated fiber or copper.

And with signal quality so pristine, when first patched into our on-air consoles we instinctively cranked up full both the faders and speakers, thinking perhaps it wasn't working. But the Audiostreamer's digital performance is so quiet, it could make FM radio sound like old-fashioned rural telephone service.

Clean, quick and elegant multichannel solution from Network Sound!"

Jim Furrer, Professor of Broadcasting, WCAS Radio / Auraria Campus, Department of Communication Arts and Sciences, Metropolitan State University of Denver
WS Control Rm WCAS adjusted    WCAS Oct 9 2014 01