Transporting 128x128 channels over a single CAT-5/6 using Mamba Aux feature

If you have an application that requires more than 64 channels of audio to be transported from stage to FoH or split between FoH and Mon mix using CAT-5, then Mamba Digital Snake offers a unique solution. Using 2 64x64 systems (64LLPs), it is very easy to configure a 128x128 system. The 128x128 configuration is accomplished using the innovative Aux feature available on Mamba Digital Snakes. The 128x128 channels are available at 48K sample rate and 24 bit per sample. If you need your application to work on 96K sample rate, then the maximum channel count will be 64x64. The key point is that, this 128x128 configuration will work just on straight CAT-5 cables between the Mamba units. For a point to point 128x128 system, just follow the below diagram. Setup 2 Stage box and 2 FoH box as shown. Just connect 2 short CAT-5s from Link1/Link2 from upper stage box to Aux1 and Aux2 (RJ45s) to the lower stage box. You can run 2 CAT-5 from Link1/Link2 RJ45 from lower box to FoH. Connect the CAT-5 from Stage to lower FoH box Link1/Link2. From Aux (lower box) connect 2 short CAT-5 cables to Link1/Link2 on the upper box. Audio in and out is 1-1 between boxes.

The critical auto cable redundancy feature will work in this configuration also. If any of the main CAT-5
between Stage and FoH is severed, audio will go over the other cable. You can also use a Gigabit Ethernet Switch to accomplish more than 64x64 channels. In fact, 512x512 channels over a single CAT5 or Fiber cable Click here for more info on using a GbE Ethernet Switch


If you need to split 128 channels @48K or 64 channels @ 96K to FoH and Mon Mix, then follow the below diagram to setup split configuration. All the 128 channels are split to FoH and Mon Mix. The return 64 each from FoH and Mon Mix will be available at the Stage (output 1-128).



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