Stage Splitter Configuration with Mamba Digital Snake Systems

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Option 1:

This is a simple 2 way splitter with no external switches/boxes. The 2 ports (Link 1 and Link 2) on the Mamba Digital Snake are configured as Link 1 to FoH and Link 2 to Mon Mix. The key advantage is that no external boxes needed thus avoiding potential additional point of failure as well as another box to carry and maintain. The disadvantage is that no cable redundancy. It is a compromise for customers to choose. You can have an extra CAT-5 already in place and in the event of a break in main cable, you just need to plug in standby cable. It is not automatic, but faster than installing another snake.


Option 2:

This is a 2 way splitter with external switches if you need cable redundancy per each splitter drop. You need to use, 2 switches and connect each drop via one switch. From each switch, you can run 2 CAT-5 thus providing the automatic cable redundancy. Connect both cat5's at the FoH or Mon Mix boxes to Link1 and Link2. The switches can be any standard 100 Mbps switches available in the market with price ranging from $10-$100. Please note that these switches have to be dedicated to Mamba or use managed GbE switches with VLAN setup if you plan to share with other traffic.


Option 3:

This is a multi-way splitter with an external 100 Mbps Ethernet switch if you need to split the Stage inputs to multiple
locations. The switch can be a simple 4 or 8 or 16 or 24 port 100 Mbps switch available off-the-shelf. The same 64
channels (if you are using Mamba 64MLS) will be available to all the nodes connected via the switch. The Mon Mix split
will be available as shown in the picture as a direct drop from Stage box (not via Switch). The advantage of this setup is that you can split the stage inputs to 3 or more drops with a simple and inexpensive switch. The returns from Mon Mix will be available at the Stage as usual. The one condition with this setup is that the only one drop from the switch can return channels to Stage. For  example, in the setup shown below, ONLY FoH will be allowed to return 32 channels (64MLS case). All other nodes such as Recording, Truck 1 will not be able to send Returns to stage. You can call them as simple passive receivers.



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