Aux1 and Aux2 Applications in Mamba Digital Snake System

The Aux1 and Aux2 ports in Mamba Digital Snake System is simply a 2 pair of twisted wire on the CAT-5 available for any use. The Aux1 is connected to Link1/FoH CAT-5/6 cable and Aux2 is connected to Link2/Mon CAT5/6 cable. A single CAT-5/6 cable can now carry your pro audio as well as other applications/terminal that may require 2 pair of twisted wire. These 2 pair is completely isolated from Etherent traffic on the remaining 2 pair. Some of the example applications are described below. RJ45 wiring 1,2,3 & 6 (same as standard CAT-5 wiring)

1. LAN or Internet connectivity

In this scenario, just connect a laptop or PC on one end of the Mamba box (say FoH) and on the stage end you can simply connect the CAT-5 to Standard Ethernet switch connected to a LAN or Internet. Make sure the Link1 or Link2 CAT-5 is in place. Now, you have the connectivity on your laptop and you can access Internet just like regular LAN. This feature also useful if you have a control application that runs over a standard ethernet/CAT-5.



2. Intercom or regular analog audio from FoH to Stage

In this scenario, you can simply connect a microphone or belt-pack intercom output at the FoH end to XLR jack on the Aux port (FoH Mamba unit). The analog signal from your mic is transported using the twisted pair (CAT-5 on Link1 or Link2 should be present) and given at the corresponding Aux port on Stage end. You can connect a headset or to a speaker to talk or listen to FoH controller. This would allow a simple intercom function that you can talk to Stage technician from the FoH or mixer location. This application can be used with 2 wire or 4 wire intercom units between stage and FoH communication.



3. Video Monitor using Balun interface (video over CAT-5)

If you have to send video monitor feed from stage to FoH or vice versa, you can use the video over CAT-5 solutions on Aux1 or Aux2. One of the common way to send video over a twisted pair CAT-5 is using Balun. This simple interface has video interface on one side and twisted pair on the other side. All you need to do is connect the twisted pair interface from balun to Aux1 or Aux2. Make sure the wires or pins match. For example, transmit pair can be connected to 1 and 2 and receive could be connected to 3 and 6 on Aux wiring. You need a set of Balun on both ends for this video over twisted pair application. Check your Balun product manual for wiring and other operation details. Aux1 and Aux2 RJ45 wiring 1,2,3 & 6 (same as standard CAT-5 wiring)


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