Your own Mic-Pre with the 32x32 Mamba

Selecting a mic-pre is a personal choice, everyone has their own tastes, preferences and budget. By accepting line-level inputs, the Mamba allows customers to use their preferred mic-pre product, and keep the custom sound they love. By using DB25 inputs, the Mamba allows you to easily select a custom setup to fit your unique sound application. Using the Mamba with your own off the shelf mic-pre product provides the most flexible, customizable, and least expensive solution on the market DB25 to XLR or 1/4" connectors make it easy to connect virtually any off-the-shelf mic-pre product Below are some suggested configurations, using different categories of off the shelf mic-pre products. Each package includes a pair of digital snake boxes (stage and FoH), 32 mic-pre channels (4 x 1u 8 channel boxes), and the cables to connect the mic-pre' s to the stage Mamba. The images show a rack mount with the stage Mamba box on the bottom connected to the 32 mic-pre channels. Additional cables are required for the FoH snake output and 16 return channels.

Mamba with Focusrite Platinum OctoPre

Front View                                    Back View

focusrightrackfront   focusrighttrackback

Mamba with Mackie Onyx 800R

Front View                                     Back View

 onyxrackfront   onyxrackback