Mamba Digital Snake over Fiber using Media Converters

If your application requires Fiber, because you need to run longer distance (over 450 feet) or you have fiber already in place, then you can simply use off-the-shelf external Media Converters (MC) with Mamba Digital Snake systems. If you need a simple point to point Fiber run then an inexpensive 100 Mbps Copper to Fiber media converter will work just fine. The Media converters can be purchased for $50-$100 each from Overstock, eBay, Frys, etc. Few common applications are broadcast truck and large audio distribution venue. A picture shown below uses 100 Mbps copper to Fiber MC. By using external MCs, you can choose Multi-mode or Single mode Fiber and SC or ST type connector. You can also purchase Nuetrik Opticon for lock and load Fiber connector. You have lot more flexibility with external MCs and Mamba Digital snake system, while keeping your cost to very minimum for a Fiber run. You can also buy rack mount MCs or palm size ones as shown in picture below. If you want to save on Fiber cost or rental cost of Fiber, you can also use WDM based Media Converters that uses single Fiber to send and receive. Mamba digital snake will work perfectly fine with WDM MCs. You can also have another Fiber as standby. Mamba digital snake will provide the "Unique Fiber Cable redundancy" if one of the Fiber path is severed. The switch is automatic and seamless which takes less than a millisecond. 


You can also use a standard Gigabit managed switch available in the open market that can support Virtual LAN [VLAN] setup as well as Fiber extension port. Simply connect the Mamba snakes on both sides and connect all other applications or boxes that can work over a standard Ethernet switch. Click here for more info on how to setup Mamba using GbE Fiber and VLAN.

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