Audio and other traffic over a single GbE link

If your setup requires that you need to run different applications over a single Cat-5/6 or Fiber then Mamba offers the unique way of supporting synchronized pro Audio (MediaNet) as well as Asynchronous traffics such as Internet, Video over IP, control data over Ethernet, and others (any application that can run over Ethernet switch). Few common applications are broadcast truck and large audio distribution venue. For example, if you have to send 64 channels of pro audio that require absolute minimum latency (< 2 ms), IP control data and video monitor that runs over standard Ethernet etc, then the setup described below would be an ideal way to accomplish this. The scenario described below is elegant, straight forward and very cost effective while providing high quality pro audio as well as other applications to co-exist over a single Gigabit (GbE) CAT-5 or Fiber. The standard Managed GbE switches cost anywhere from 250-500 USD and Fiber extension module is approx. 100-200 USD. You can use a standard Gigabit managed switch available in the open market that can support Virtual LAN [VLAN] setup. Simply connect the Mamba snakes on both sides as shown in picture below and connect all other applications or boxes that can work over a standard Ethernet switch.


Using the management software of the Gigabit switch (from your GbE switch vendor), setup VLAN port for the Mamba snake boxes [ports that are connected to Mamaba snake boxes]. VLAN setup can be designated for only Mamba snake boxes (ports) or each pair of ports. If you have more than one Mamba snake boxes then you need to setup individual VLAN for each pair of Mamba snake or ports on GbE switch. You need to do this on both sides of the Gigabit switch. The VLAN will pass only the synchronized Mamba [MediaNet] snake traffic on the designated VLAN port. Mamba Digital Snake is based on 100 Mbps Ethernet. It uses only 1/10th of bandwidth available in a Gigabit switch. Even though, Mamba audio traffic is mixed with other traffic over the same GbE cat-5/6 or Fiber, the 1 GbE bandwidth allows the audio traffic to pass through with out adding any delay. The VLAN will protect your synchronous audio from other asynchronous traffic. You can also use any priority tag available to the Mamba ports also to avoid issues during congestion. All other ports can be standard Ethernet traffic and they will have no effect on your audio quality.

- No quality degradation or additional delay with this setup

- Clock Synchronous is maintained between pair of Mamba snake boxes

- Single cat-5/6 or Fiber to support all your applications

- Audio, video and control over a single cable

- Any standard Managed GbE switch from Linksys, 3Com or Cisco that can support VLAN

Key things to watch out with this configuration:

1. Total traffic bandwidth should not exceed 1 Gbps or Number of Fiber modules X 1 Gbps

2. Use GbE switches that can support full GbE packet switching speed & Non-Blocking